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Since 1986

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Since  our founding in 1986,  AccuTech Investigations has been serving the  Insurance carriers and Law Firms through our relentless efforts to use  our skill and resources to help our clients and legal teammates achieve  the results they are seeking. This goal is reached through our  investigative efforts and consulting on litigation strategies and as expert  witnesses, as well as our obtaining critical useful information and  intelligence for our clients.

Our  vast background in Criminal, Civil and Matrimonial matters, has made  our firm sought after, having built a solid reputation for detail and  knowledge of complex investigations, coupled with professional testimony .

Our  roots began as the prime consultants for Insurance carrier's S.I.U.  departments as well as trainers  and guides prior to the establishment of  their own internal units. We still consult and handle some of the more  complex Insurance Fraud Investigations on their behalf.

Richard  Ulbrich is the President and founder of AccuTech Investigations, which  he established in 1986 and holds Private Investigator Licenses in  multiple states.  His prior background as a former Claims Manager and  then Director of Internal Security and Fraud  prevention for a major insurance carrier gives  him a unique perspective of the true needs of competent Insurance  Investigations. He has been retained by Law Firms in states across the  country to direct and handle the more complex and high stakes Criminal  cases and Civil Litigation investigative components. He  has worked directly with the FBI and many State Police agencies. He has  given countless seminars to Law Enforcement on White Collar crime  investigations.  Mr. Ulbrich handles all of our major criminal  consulting and investigative matters.

Charlie  Hawthorne is our Chief of Field Investigations and has been with  AccuTech Investigations for 30 years. There are few Investigators in the  field who can match his experience and investigative techniques. He has  taken countless new investigators under his wing with AccuTech and  showed them the ropes and proper and effective field techniques. The  efforts show in AccuTech's consistent results and thorough reports which  has brought millions of dollars in recoverable assets and uncovering countless other available coverage policies available.


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Others see the glass as half empty.

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